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Exterior Remodel

HomeCreation Specializes in exterior construction. HomeCreation can add creative value to your home, whether it was built before 1970 or just 10 years ago. We can restore your home structure and improve your home water flow system; by upgrading gutters, extending drain lines, and increasing slope grades away from the home. In addition, we can add french drains to decrease the moisture content below grade in your basement or crawl spaces. We can lower the temperature of your home in the summer by creating more airflow in the attic. We can replace old concrete steps that are broken, repave old walkways, and replace old cracked bricks and missing mortar joints. We can update your fence lines and install matching borders for the landscape. We can add lighting around your fence line and home as well as install smart locks and security cameras around your perimeter. HomeCreation has no limitations when it comes to exterior improvements. 

Roofing Specialty

Certainteed training master shingle applicator. High-quality workmanship with seasonal roofing and roof repairs. For flat roofs, or installing shingles on Special slope roofs, We are the team to get the job done.

Windows & Siding

HomeCreation can replace your windows and doors. We can remove old metal siding, which makes your home cold and does not insulate as well as new conventional siding, such as Hardie Boards or good quality vinyl siding.

Concrete and Driveways

HomeCreation Can pour you a new driveway or restore your old one. We can create a new walkway in your backyard or install a new concrete retainer wall. 

Patios & Sheds

HomeCreation can design and install any kind of patio made out of stones or pavers with outdoor furniture and a space for a grill. We can even customize an outdoor storage shed that can match your home.

Fence & Deck

HomeCreation can build a custom fence on your perimeter and add a matching deck to compliment your home and create a custom backyard experience

French Drains

HomeCreation can create a French drain, which serves the purpose of removing water from the base of the home and redirecting the water away from the home. This will solve many problems of mold mildew and water problems in basements.

What our customers are saying

Great job! Precise, clean, and welldone are the words that describe the work done by this company. We are extremely please with the completion of this job. We will definitely hire Mr Thomas again! Thank you!

Dec 13, 2019



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